Welcome to the Emirates Solutions for Integrated Security (ESIS). The security challenges posed by modern and open societies require that innovative solutions be developed that protect people’s lives and contribute to ensuring their wellbeing.

ESIS was created as a joint venture company between the Privatization Service Group, owned by Ministry of Interior and Airbus Defence and Space who decided to join their considerable resources and technologies to provide interoperable solutions for the security of the UAE and beyond.

ESIS mission is to develop best practice and develop operational capability for Security Stakeholders through state-of-the-art interoperable situation awareness and decision support solutions and through knowledge transfer.

Customers of ESIS are assured strict confidentiality, professionalism and assurance that our commitments to you will be met.

As an employee, joining ESIS you will be part of a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic experts, engaged on challenging but rewarding projects that will enable you to demonstrate and develop your talent and career.

We invite you to browse through these pages to discover more information regarding ESIS’ innovative solutions and project portfolio.

Our Vision

ESIS’ vision is to be a trusted system integrator and service provider to UAE government in order to develop the security and safety of people.

Our Expertise

ESIS provides state-of-the-art interoperable situation awareness and decision support solutions to security stakeholders.

This is achieved by combining high-end operational and technical expertise in order to:

• Assist and advise organizations in the definition of their business, procedural and technological requirements

• Design, implement and support fully integrated mission-critical solutions

• Develop competences and talents within the UAE through knowledge transfer

Our Commitment

ESIS takes great pride in ensuring that solution proposals for our clients meet first and foremost their operational requirements but are also value and analyze the solution’s life cycle. We take all necessary steps to understand the customer’s needs and design the solutions and services accordingly.

ESIS respects, trusts and empowers our employees. We recognize and value that our employees are not only the intellectual architects of our solutions, but also the facilitators and integrators of them and that they help to find the best services for our customers.

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